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Product Quality, Safety & Compliance are of paramount importance to us here at Wiz Stuff.

Our founding principles are - "Safety and Quality" in other words if a product we are considering to sell is not of the highest standard of manufacturing quality with all the necessary safety and compliance certification, we won't stock and supply it.

As an example Hoverboards (AKA Swegway's) were a product which exploded into consumer markets across the world in a very short space of time. Inevitably whilst riding the wave of popularity there were many versions of this product available which were of questionable quality. The mains plug supplied with a significant number of hoverboards were not compliant with UK regulations and most of them were supplied with an incomprehensible user manual in very poor English, ours had compliant plugs/fuses and been correctly translated.

As with our hoverboards previously out latest range of tech gear, the MARS M3 electric mountain Bike & our INTIMIDATION range of high-quality audio equipment and mobile phones are all fully EU & UK regulation compliant. We have a good relationship with our Trading Standards' 'Home Authority' team and will refer to them should we come across anything which may raise a concern.

As we at Wiz Stuff are committed to ensuring consumer safety and our product's quality at all times, prior to placing any orders with our suppliers we research, test & check all goods we consider stocking and offer for sale.

When buying your product/s from Wiz Stuff you can be assured that we have done all the homework necessary to ensure that your purchases are of a high quality, are safe and are compliant with all current safety standards and the user manuals are well written. All of our products carry the CE mark. CE, EMC, LVD certificates and Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), where applicable, are all available on request or may be available to download from this website.